you'll hear talk around town of things I used to do Some may try to poison your mind that my love can't be true many nights I lay awake dear, hoping our love will last hoping your love is strong enough to forget about my past I don't claim to be an angel, my life's been full of sin but when I met you darlin that all came to an end never doubt my love dear, whatever you may do I don't claim to be an angel, but my love for you is true I never knew what real love was until you came along you changed my outlook on luff made me regret my wrongs why should my past keep haunting me all through the years I've paid for each mistake dear with millions of bitter tears
I saw you walking just the other day with that gal who lives down the way well a week ago I might have cried but it don't bother me none cause I changed my mind I changed my mind about loving you and after all the heartache you put me through oh, I don't wanna see you cause frankly I don't like your kind I wanna hear that door slam cause I changed my mind Well i heard ya crying yeah just last night all about that girl and how she don't treat you right I used to think that you were all that I could ever find But not anymore cause I changed my mind
Well ya ask me bout a man and I'll tell ya friend tell ya bout a man that I did wrong he loved so tenderly swore he'd never leave me his hands were rough but his voice was like a song we courted through the spring so you'd think naturally he'd ask me to be his bride but i was wrong so ya know, to the river we did go two went down but only one came back alive he floated down, down, down, down, down, down oh he floated down and i watched him disappear before anyone will notice you are gone i'll be far away from here now i've ridden all this time just to get him off my mind to try and ease my aching head but at night i think about all the words that he did shout as his love run out and I shot my baby dead
Well I aint never lived in a trailer, but I saw many of them with my mama and her best friends as they would drink in the kitchen and I would sit on the front porch, watching my best friend shave her legs a coffee cup and a razor, we were only 10, we wanted to be women and grocery store checkout line, we were broke didn't have a dime and my mama never had a chance, grandma ignored us while we paid with foodstamps but oh Jamie, where are you now? are you that number that the news is talking about? well i remember when we would play at your grandmas house and my daddy never had a lot, making promises that he mostly forgot but we'd drink glass cokes and walk the railroad line behind the neighborhood, well that was another time oh and seaboard street aint been the same since the bank came and took the house away they locked my daddy in a jail cell, just like his brother you can never help yourself well i grew up, mostly got away the hated dies but the guilt grows every day and your names will always chill me i'm sorry darlene, i'm sorry jamie but oh Darlene where are you now? I heard your baby's got a baby and she's strung out with a black eye, still living at your house
Lay Me Down 02:34
I took a bunch of pills today sat and watched that train go by my man don't love me anymore, feeling like i wanna die i loved him good i love him true right down to my bones don't i don't know what else to do cause i won't be going home lay me down by the river, let this body wash down stream pick me up and lay me down, oh let that dirty water wash over me i'm gonna sit right here beside the tracks till all my breath is through and when those people find me well they'll know what to do i coulda rambled on somewhere to mountains or to sea but whats the use in movin when my good man don't love me
Well the beers still cold and the liquors still strong I tried to forget you but I keep hanging on to the glass or the bar I don't wanna think So when I feel weak I pour a strong drink I know it's been months since he walked away I begged like a dog but he just wouldn't stay so now this old dog don't beg anymore i drink and I dance when i don't walk the floor theres so many men who been catching my eye i wanna move on and it makes me cry the only moving I'm doing is from bar to bar drink till i can't feel then I sleep in my car If i can just sing out loud enough, drink whiskey and swear and act like i'm tuff well then maybe i could just settle down but i can't so i won't so I'm leaving this town
You roped me in then ya turned me loose i tried talking it out but honey it aint no use you keep on lying oh i'll keep from crying well you cheated me why can't ya just tell me the truth? I wouldn't kiss you if I was whiskey drunk I wouldn't kiss you honey, no you're outta luck cause i'm two bottles in, three sheets to the wind and my time here's almost up and i wouldn't kiss you if i was whiskey drunk I caught my tears in a whiskey glass, I wanted to kiss your lips but now you can kiss my ass i thought you was a cowboy, but of course the only thing you rode in on was your high horse I wouldn't kiss you if I was whiskey drunk I wouldn't kiss you honey, no you're outta luck cause i'm two bottles in, three sheets to the wind and my time here's almost up and i wouldn't kiss you if i was whiskey drunk and that's saying a lot, cause I'm whiskey drunk….


Produced in Spring 2014 by George Geanuracos


released April 25, 2014

Alison Self lead vocals, guitar on everything except "I'm a tired cowboy"
George Geanuracos fiddle, background vocals on everything and also guitar on "i'm a tired cowboy"




Alison Self Portland, Oregon

Alison plays honky tonk on the guitar and currently lives in Portland OR after a two year stint in Austin, after a 10 year stint in VA. With a peppering of Denver and Nashville somewhere in there.....


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